Friday, December 28, 2007

new Snuggly Scarves

Mom wearing her new scarf
Originally uploaded by saintlex
I know it's been forever since I last posted. Sorry. :-/

I haven't been doing anything very exciting, crochet-wise. I did, however, make a whole bunch of Snuggly Scarves (thanks again to Deneen!) in various shades of Lion Homespun. Here's my mom wearing the one I gave her for Chanukah! I believe this colorway is called Barley. I also gave one to my sister, in Tudor. I didn't know what color her winter coat was, but luckily for us, it matches! :) And I gave one to my boss, as well. That one was in Sierra; at least, it was labeled Sierra. It looks completely different from the other skeins of Sierra I've seen in the stores, though. *shrug*

Also made one for a friend and am in the process of making another for a friend. No more details on those, though, since I haven't gotten to exchange gifts with them yet. (I doubt they're reading this, but I'm paranoid!)