Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Back to work, baby blankie, and a request for flower patterns

My Meez is knitting at the office. *giggle* I've been sick for a while, but I made it in to work yesterday afternoon and will be doing the same today. I won't actually be crocheting at work, but my Meez can get away with it. ;)

I am almost halfway done with the blanket for the new baby. It's a very easy pattern, but it takes a while. It will be a very warm blanket, which I guess will be more useful in the winter...though it would also make a good playmat. It's nice and thick. It's going to have a hood, but who cares if it's a hooded playmat? It's all good.

Tomorrow, my fiance and I are heading out to RI for the wedding of one of my best friends, in which I am a bridesmaid. Before we go, I need to have made a black flower brooch to fasten my sash (our bridesmaid outfits have cute sashes) and a pair of earrings to match the necklace I'm going to wear. The earrings will be easy--I already know what I'm going to do--but I don't know about the flower. *gulp* I've never tried one of those before. I'm not even sure which pattern I should use. I'll be using Caron Simply Soft, and I want a flower that will be about 3 inches in diameter.

Any suggestions for a pattern that would yield that result?

I'm gonna sew beads onto it afterward (I'd start crocheting with beads, but I don't want to do that with a first attempt, since I won't really know how it'll look till I'm done).

I had to miss last night's KUTI meeting. I'd had every intention of going, and then it turned out that the air conditioner repair guy could come fix my A/C sometime around 7 PM, and I had to go for it 'cause it's been HOT in my apartment. I stopped in at our meeting place at around 6:15 and didn't see anyone there yet, though evidently there was a group member in line buying her dinner. D'oh.

It's just as well that I didn't see her, though, 'cause I would have hung out and talked for a little while...and meanwhile, the A/C guy was already at my place! He'd forgotten to take my cell phone number with him, so he was there waiting when I got home at about 6:30. He did a great job with the A/C (and didn't charge much!). YAY!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

My mom, wearing birthday scarf and birthday earrings!

Look, it's my beautiful mother, wearing...the birthday scarf! Yes, today was the day. Not her birthday yet, but the day we celebrated, since her b-day is in the middle of the week.

I made her earrings, too. They were made with sunstone and gold-filled beads. It all looked so good on her!

Here she is workin' the scarf-as-sash look:
Mom with scarf as sash

Here she is with little ol' me, wearing the scarf loose. It looks pretty this way, too:
me and Mom (wearing b-day earrings and scarf)

And finally, the earrings, for your viewing pleasure:
sunstone earrings for Mom

Friday, May 25, 2007

I put hearts on them.

baby mary janes with hearts
Originally uploaded by saintlex
I just could not help myself! :) Ooh, I can't wait to see those little baby feet in 'em.

I found instructions for the heart appliques here: Suzetta's Heart Motif

A pair of Mary Janes!

baby mary jane - pair
Originally uploaded by saintlex
Yay, I finished them! :) I am still thinking about putting some kind of tiny applique on them (a heart or flower or something), but I should probably work on the baby blanket instead. I'd really like to have it done on time.

Baby Mary Jane!

baby mary jane
Originally uploaded by saintlex
I was thinking about the baby booties last night. The one I'd been working on was coming out nicely, but it was big and thick and warm-looking, and this baby is being born in the spring. I realized that it would probably be a better idea to make something the baby could wear in the spring and summer.

I started looking for patterns, and I came up with one for "Fake Mary Janes." I couldn't resist!

I whipped this one up pretty quickly, though it took me a little while to get the hang of it. The pattern calls for an I hook, but I had to use a K hook, and the sole still came out to only 3 inches (the pattern says the sole should be 3.5"). I am a fairly tight crocheter, and I guess the designer crochets more loosely than most? I don't know what's "normal," or if there is any such thing. ;) Anyway, I am sure the second Mary Jane will be even easier to make. :)

This is Caron Simply Soft yarn; can't remember the color name, but it's more purple than it looks in this picture.
These baby Ugg boot booties are the cutest things I've ever seen.

I now know what to make my youngest niece for the holidays! (I'm mainly posting this so I don't forget, and so others can see the pattern...)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

WsIP: bit of a baby blanket and boxy baby booties

How was that for alliteration?! ;P

Here's a pic of the baby blanket I'm working on for my newest niece, who has yet to be born:
bit of a baby blanket
It's Lion Pound of Love yarn; I'm making this with the hooded baby blanket pattern from the label. It can also be found on the Lion web site.

And some baby booties I started working on today--I've only got one about halfway done:
baby booties in progress
The yarn at the top is a stitch marker for the instep. They're gonna have cuffs and pompoms. The pattern is from Vogue Knitting "Crochet Basics" (see sidebar if you're curious). I'm using Caron Simply Soft and an F hook (the pattern calls for a G hook and sport weight yarn).

And just for fun, here's the Lion Homespun yarn in Candy Apple that I received yesterday.
Lion Homespun yarn in Candy Apple
Isn't the color gorgeous? Not what I'd expected, and nowhere near as soon as I'd expected it, but very nice indeed. (I think it will make a lovely poncho for my oldest niece. I even have the pattern picked out!)

And another update!

Now I'm not sure if the "mystery color" of Lion Homespun is indeed Mexicana, or if it was a skein of Corinthian that just came out looking different from the others. I've done a lot of Google-ing on this very important issue, and it appears that many items made out of Corinthian come out in colors very similar to my beloved snuggly scarf.


In other crochet-related news, I've been working on a "Pound of Love" hooded baby blanket for my newest niece, who should be arriving any day now. I am not even halfway done! *gulp* Luckily, it's not my only gift for the baby. ;) I bought a really cute gift set with little short-sleeved bodysuits and socks to match. I'm also going to make some easy baby booties.


I am still working on that present for a friend of mine...looks like it may not be done by the date I was aiming for. Arghhhh. She may just have to wait. That kind of sucks. But the gift is taking longer to work up than I'd expected.

And there is another friend for whom I'd really like to make a gift, but that one will definitely be late for it's intended occasion. Well, we'll see how all this works out. After all, I do still have that spiderweb cardi to make for myself, and my 2 bags to work on, and my socks!

I also really want to make a black crocheted flower brooch (I'm planning to sew some beads onto it, too) to fasten my sash with for my bridesmaid's outfit for my friend D's wedding. The outfits are so cute--long turquoise skirts, black sleeveless tops with sweetheart necklines, and turquoise sashes. And I'm making my own jewelry. I already have a necklace I made that goes perfectly; I'll just need some matching earrings and the brooch, and I'll be good to go.

UPDATE: Lion Homespun mystery solved

Turns out it's a discontinued color called Mexicana.

Anyone know where I might find some? :-/

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lion Homespun confusion and an ebay seller rant

snuggly scarf
Originally uploaded by saintlex.
Here, once again, is the photo of my lovely "snuggly scarf." It was made with Lion Homespun, and I could've sworn the label said the color was Candy Apple. I received some Lion Homespun Candy Apple yarn that I'd ordered in the mail today, and lo and behold, Candy Apple is just plain red. (Very pretty, but not at all like the colors in my scarf!)

I have been looking everywhere, and have seen no other Lion Homespun yarn that looks like this colorway. The closest are Corinthian and Fiesta, but they aren't nearly pink enough. When I purchased the skein that this scarf was made from, it was the last one of its kind left at Michaels.

Does anyone know what color this is? Is it discontinued? If there is any possible way I can get my hands on it, I would really like to. I want to make a scarf in these colors for my grandma, since it looked so good on her when she tried it on.

I did buy some Lion Homespun in Fuchsia, which is close but without the orange and green mixed in. I guess it'll do for Grams for now, but I so want to get more of this yarn.

On a different (but related) note, the ebay seller I bought the red yarn from was really mean. The listing (and all of her listings) said the yarn would be delivered within "48 business hours." Um, OK. This is ebay. Ebay runs 24/7.

Next thing I know, it's been 2 weeks and the yarn isn't here yet. I send her an e-mail, and she explains that 48 "business hours" means 6 days, because the "business day" is 8 hours long. Uhhh...not on ebay, the last time I checked.

But it gets worse, because it was obviously NOT sent within 6 business days. It was sent via Priority Mail and got here today. That means it was sent on 5/18, at the earliest. It was purchased (and paid for) on 5/8.

I e-mailed the seller several times, and each time she was completely unapologetic. I wound up leaving negative feedback, and she left negative feedback for me, and I wouldn't really care except that she said I "refuse to understand English." WHAT?! Just because I think her whole "48 business hours" thing is misleading, she accuses me of not understanding English?! I'm an editor, for @#$%'s sake.


OK, sorry for venting. I just don't like mean people.

8 random things about me

Maven "unofficially" tagged me, so I figured I'd give this a shot. ;) Seeing as how this is a crochet blog and I try not to let it overlap with the personal too much, it's gonna be a bit challenging! Here goes.

The rules:
1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves
2. People who are tagged write a blog post about their own 8 random things and post these rules
3. At the end of your blog you need to tag 8 people and post their names
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

My eight things:

1. I'm a messy person. (If a messy desk is a sign of creativity, what does a messy apartment mean?)
2. I have a phobia of crowds.
3. I rarely crochet when I'm not watching TV.
4. My fiance and I were finishing each other's sentences as soon as we met.
5. We met online (so yeah, we started finishing each other's sentences before we met in person!).
6. I make beaded jewelry, and used to make polymer clay jewelry as well (I'll probably take it up again at some point).
7. I was on HGTV's "Crafters Coast To Coast" (now known as "That's Clever!") a few years ago, demonstrating how to make a polymer clay turtle necklace and polymer clay heart charm bracelet. They still air the episode sometimes.
8. I have had a "thing" for socks long before I started to crochet. I have lots of fun socks.

I now tag anyone else reading this who feels like posting 8 random things about herself/himself. Have fun. :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Meez, take 2.

My meez got the knitting needles! YAY!!! :) Now she is happily knitting away on the sidebar of this blog. I gave her a starry background to celebrate.

She's dressed just like I am today, except for the necklace--which is just like one I've been intending to make for a while. I have the beads (they're made out of turquoise-colored shell) and everything.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Me make sock.

sock 5-20-07
Originally uploaded by saintlex.
My progress so far. I don't think I like the cuff so much. I thought about frogging it and trying a different pattern, but I've been working really hard on this, and it looks so goshdarn cute in the picture. ;) I'll just keep going, and try a different pattern for the next pair.

It has occurred to me that the "Summer of Socks 2007" does not actually start till sometime in June, and I have other projects that are gifts I really should be working many WsIP, so little time. (I mean, I've had A LOT of time lately; that's why I've started so many things! But I'm planning to be back to my regularly scheduled 9-to-5 work life soon. Very soon. *fingers crossed*)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Meet my Meez.

She is sad because she cannot have knitting needles like Deneen's. (They don't have a crochet hook option, so knitting will have to do.) She's just hangin' out in her messy living room (much like myself!), with nothing to do (unlike myself). ;)

You can help her, though! Just go create your own Meez. When you go to save it and create an account, put in "yarrrrrn" where it asks if another user referred you. I will then get points, which I can spend on knitting needles! Yay! C'mon, you know you wanna. :D

UPDATE: I am now supposed to have "coinz" with which to buy stuff, and the web site says I don't. I'm working on getting this fixed. Meanwhile, my Meez is VERY upset, as you can probably tell. (She is also upset because all her shirts appear to have a hole in the right underarm...)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Sock help?

I have been working on my first pair of socks. Well, right now, it's just part of one sock. ;) Anyway, I've been trying to work with the pattern for In Your Shoes Ankle Socks from Crochet Me...and I'm having some trouble.

I made the cuff, which looks great. After some deliberation, I managed to sc 2 rounds of 36 stitches each around the cuff, though I was quite confused because it didn't say whether to join the rounds or not (I slip stitched them together; dunno if I was supposed to).

Now, however, it says to "sc across front half of tube." Following the pattern as I have been, I started my rounds of sc at the back seam after slip stitching it together so I wouldn't have to cut the yarn. I thought that was what the author meant...but now, the only way I can think of to crochet 18 sc across the front of the cuff is to cut the yarn and start sc-ing the front part. The pattern doesn't say anything about whether this is what I'm supposed to do or not.

To make matters worse, the author, Pam, appears to be MIA. Her blog link doesn't work, and I haven't found a current one anywhere. I did find someone else who seems to have made socks according to the pattern, so maybe I'll try asking her my questions?

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

boxes 'o' yarn

box o yarn 5-16
Originally uploaded by saintlex.
The package I got yesterday from Smiley's! Hooray! That's the RH Symphony up at the top. The 5 "columns" of yarn on the left are all Bernat Sox; the 2 "columns" on the right are Bernat Handicrafter Cotton.

So very very exciting!

And nine balls of Lion Trellis that I got for a steal on ebay:
lion trellis
I was so excited that I ripped the box! ;D

At long last, some pictures.

I just uploaded a whole bunch of pictures to Flickr, so I guess it's time for some show & tell. :)

Here's my work so far on the Spiderweb Cardigan (crappy yarn and all):
spiderweb 1
The yarn has a tendency to split, so there's some funky stuff going on, but I still think it looks pretty. If it continues to work up like this, I think I may come out with a decent sweater. :)

This is a bag that I'm working on. Nothing too fancy. No real pattern, though it's loosely based on this.
rectangle bag

And another bag:
donnell bag - flat
That is my work thus far on the Donnell bag. (Click here if you'd like to see another pic of mine.) I will post a picture or two when it's finished, of course.

I have more pictures to post, but I'm saving them for other entries. Yes, it's another Image Bombardment Day, courtesy of Alexis. Enjoy! Hope your connection is fast...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Smiley's Yarns makes me all smiley!!

Remember that load of yarn I ordered from Smiley's Yarns that I posted about just the other day? It's already here! Granted, it didn't have to travel far--they're in Queens, NY--but I am so very impressed. And overjoyed. The Bernat Sox colors are only OK, in my opinion, but it was cheap and now I get to make socks. :)

The Red Heart Symphony yarn is nice and fuzzy and should work well for the capelet I want to make with it.

The Bernat Handicrafter Cotton? YUM. Will have to make some nice things with it. I have some good colors for stripes. Hmmmm.

I have been working on the Spiderweb Cardigan from my last post. It took me a relatively short time to realize that my gauge was actually WAY smaller than what the pattern called for! Frog time. Ribbit. I am going to try using my K hook instead of the H. I even wanted to try my L hook, after what people have said about too-small armholes; but I can't find it! *gasp* I'll just have to see what happens with the K. This pattern is going to be quite the experiment for me. Maybe not the best choice for my first sweater, but I love a challenge. ;)

nice yarn versus...

Yesterday, I decided that I really wanted to make this sweater from the spring 2007 issue of Interweave Crochet:

I had already known I wanted to make it, but I had thought I would bide my time. Suddenly, yesterday, it became "Now now NOW!" Oy vey.

I did not own the amount of sport weight yarn called for in this project, much less the amount of fancy-schmancy sport weight cotton yarn called for. So I made a deal with myself. After spending some time at last night's KUTI meeting (which was lovely, but I had to leave early 'cause I wasn't feeling well), I decided that, if I could find suitable yarn for the sweater at the Wal-Mart across the street for $10 or less, I could make the sweater.

Imagine my excitement when I found sport weight Red Heart "Baby Soft" yarn, and enough of it only cost me 7 bucks! Sweet, right?

Not really.

The yarn is crappy. I mean, maybe it's OK for certain other projects, but it is not soft (funny that), and of course it is not at all cotton-like (100% acrylic). I am making the sweater out of it anyway--it's my first sweater, so I may as well use a very affordable yarn because I may well screw it up. And if it turns out right, it will still look pretty, but it won't have anywhere near the same nice drape that the cotton would.


I am considering getting enough worsted weight cotton yarn for the sweater and just using a smaller hook, but I'll see what this one comes out like first.

Are there any affordable, easy-to-find sport weight cotton yarns out there? I haven't seen 'em, but that doesn't mean they're not there... ;)

Monday, May 14, 2007

I am really, really, really BAD.

I just got an e-mail from a friend on the KUTI list about the Smiley's Yarns Manhattan Sale. Well, I don't get into Manhattan much--parking there is horrendously expensive, and train tickets + subway tickets = ouch as well. Add to that the fact that they don't take credit cards at the sale, and that I hate crowds, and it's pretty easy to guess that I won't be there. ;P

However...I decided to check out the yarn sales on the Smiley's Internet Yarn Sale site, seeing as how I had clicked on over to their main site anyway. OOPS!

$56 worth of yarn later, I'm feeling a little silly. And a little guilty. And I GOT LOADS OF YARN AT ABOUT $1.50/SKEIN (including shipping). So I'd say I'm also feeling a lot of happy. *giggle*

They have Bernat Sox yarn on sale for $1/skein, and it's the only cheap non-wool sock yarn I know of. I'd been searching for it for a while, but now it's even more important seeing as how I've joined up with the Summer of Socks 2007 sock-along. ;D (By the way, you should all join up if you haven't already, so I can see what lovely socks you make! I've never made a pair of socks before. I'm so excited.)

Anyway, I got a whole lot of sock yarn, a bunch of Bernat Handicrafter Cotton (I've been wanting to try that out), and enough Red Heart Symphony (a synthetic mohair-like yarn) to try out at least 1 pattern I really like that calls for mohair.


The doctor I'm seeing on Friday had better get me feeling better real soon, so I won't have time to spend quite so much money on yarn. *gulp*

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A cool link

These folks are crocheting a coral reef.

Happy auntie-ness for me, and happy Mother's Day!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Hope you're all having a great day with your moms/kids/whomever. I am going to see my mom and my grandmother in a little while. :)

Yesterday was my nephew's birthday party, so my fiance, my mom, my grandmother and I drove up to Rockland County to my sister and bro-in-law's house. It was loads of fun. And here's the crochet-related part: I finally got to give Kristy her hat! And ohmygod it looks so adorable on her. And not only that--she loves it! :) :) :)

I was expecting that she might not like having it on her head and so might not like it or something, but she is already pretty attached to it. We put it on her yesterday, and she took it off after a little while, but you couldn't take it away from her without her bursting into tears! Awwww! And she doesn't seem to object much to having it on her head. We got a good picture, which I would post except for the fact that my sister has Internet privacy issues, so I should respect that.

I will probably post it as friends-only on my Flickr account, though.

I am a very happy auntie! I am also soon to be an aunt again--my sister's 4th child is due in 3 weeks! How exciting. I am planning to crochet at least one present for the newborn--I'd better get a move on!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Donnell bag

I just couldn't resist anymore...Tonight, I started working on the Donnell bag by Daphne Mah. (And yes, that's a link to a free pattern!) :) I have a pound of Lily Sugar 'n Cream yarn in "Lavender Ice" that I bought mostly for that purpose (the pattern didn't say how much cotton yarn I would need, so I got a pound to be safe, and because it's so darn pretty).

Well, so far, it's adorable! I'm almost halfway done already, so I guess you could say it works up quickly. I had to teach myself front post double crochet (fpdc) for the pattern. I did screw up on the math somewhere (or Daphne Mah did, but I'd bet more money on my messing up the numbers! d'oh), but the bag looks the way it's supposed to; I don't think anyone would be able to tell unless I pointed it out.

If this turns out as well as I think it will, I may have to start making them as little gifties for people. Heehee!

The super-talented Ms. Mah also has a whole bunch of other original free bag patterns at the bottom of this page, as well as a page of links to other free bag patterns on the Internet, many of which don't work. :-/

I bought some black Caron Simply Soft today so I can experiment with making a black flower brooch to fasten the sash that's part of my bridesmaid outfit for a friend's wedding. I've found some great crocheted flower patterns out there. I plan to sew some sparkly beads onto it (I'm still not feeling quite brave enough to try crocheting with beads).

Thursday, May 10, 2007

the scarf, too much free time, and giving to charity

The birthday scarf for my mom is coming out so well! It's even prettier than I'd anticipated. It's artsy and sophisticated, much like my mother. ;) I will probably post a picture when I'm done, since I doubt she will happen across this blog. She's somewhat Internet-savvy, but doesn't spend much time surfing.

I will try to get a pic of me modeling it. Heehee. And if I can, I'll get a pic of my mom modeling it after I give it to her; but I don't know if she'd have any privacy issues about it, and she doesn't like the way she looks in pictures. (She's not that photogenic, but I'd never post a bad one of her. Of course, she'd probably think it was bad anyway...LOL!)

I absolutely must get back to work on a present for a friend (actually, a few presents) that I will have to give to her in about 3 weeks. It's not exactly a quick project.

Luckily--OK, very unluckily--I have a lot of free time lately. *sigh* I've been sick and unable to work. My boss and coworkers have been great about it, but I love my job and want to be there, even if it means I don't get to crochet all day. ;) Couldn't get in to see a doctor who can treat me till May 18th. I hope that will do the trick, so I can get on with my life. In the meantime, my days have consisted of watching lots of DVR-ed shows (mostly Law & Order) and crocheting--not so bad, except for the severe stomach pain. Owwwww.

But that's the end of my whining about it, for now. I have loads of cute projects to make. Also, I just found the Helping Hands, Loving Memories blog, which has inspired me to join up and make some crocheted items to give in honor of my dad. (He passed away last year.) Don't know what to make yet. It'll have to be some relatively simple stuff, so I can crank out a whole bunch of 'em. ;)

Hmmm....Actually, the hospital near me has this group called "Knit Wits" (at least, I think that's what they're called!) who sell items they've made to raise money for the hospital. That'd be neat. I could make whatever I want. I could do lots of cotton potholders. I make the best potholders. And some scarves. And whatever else I feel like adding to my repertoire. I think I'll try to contact them.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

birthday scarf

Last night, I started working on a cute little mesh-y scarf for my mom's b-day. I'm using Zitron Polo yarn, which looks like this close up:

It's pretty lightweight (sport weight, I think), and I'm using an N hook and doing some single and some double crochet. I may post a pattern for it when I'm done, even though it's very simple. It would be my first pattern ever, and that would be exciting.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Today I went to Michael's and went on a total yarn binge. I mean, I am almost embarrassed about it. Almost. ;) I was in severe need of retail therapy.

Got a lot of Lily Sugar 'n' Cream cotton yarn. There are a few things I want to make out of it. Mostly bags. 3 in particular. Heehee. They actually had the 1-pound Sugar 'n' Cream skeins, which I'd never seen before (I bought 2); and they had the little balls of it on sale, 4 for $5. I love that stuff.

I bought a "Pound of Love" in yellow to make a shrug out of (the one from the "Happy Hooker" with the little ruffles). I bought some Patons Grace to try to make a pair of socks--I don't know how it works as sock yarn, but I've had such trouble finding affordable non-wool sock yarn that I just said "screw it" and bought the stuff. I got the color Rose, even though I'd been planning on making multicolored socks. The color was calling out to me for some reason. Probably because a) it's beautiful and b) it would match a lot of my spring clothing.

Got a ton of Red Heart Super Saver for various projects, one of them being the Seafoam Vest from the latest issue of Interweave Crochet. And I got a pillow form for either the Lion Suede pillow I've been planning to make for a while, or the Chenille Thick & Quick pillow I've been planning to make for even longer. ;) Also got some snaps and buttons and ribbon, all for specific projects.

So while I went wild, I didn't exactly--almost everything I bought, I bought with a specific project in mind. That is unusual for me. I think it's a step in the right direction, despite the fact that I spent way too much. :P (I did get a lot for my money!)

I am planning to make my mom a b-day present. I want to make her an open-weave spring scarf with the beautiful sport weight yarn I bought in Montclair. I only have 1 ball of it, so it'll be a fairly skinny & short scarf, which should be fine since it'll be a fashion accessory rather than a neck warmer.

I have been sick lately and have had far too much free time, so this was a much-needed yarn-buying spree. Gotta keep myself happy. Or at least, happy till I get my credit card bill. *groan*

Must make PRETTIES!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Lion Suede and more Lion Suede

Lion Suede shawl
Originally uploaded by saintlex.
I'm making this shawl from the pattern on the Lion Suede yarn label. It's very nice, but won't quite lie flat. Will have to look into blocking it when I'm done--I haven't had to block anything yet, so I know very little about the process, especially when it doesn't involve an iron (the label says not to iron the yarn). We'll see if I can actually get myself to wear a shawl. ;) I've always thought they were for old ladies, but I guess that's not so if one is into crochet? Anyway, it's pretty! And soft. Yum.

I also purchased some Lion Suede a while back that I'm going to use to make a pillow. It matches the rug in my living room perfectly. (I live in a studio, so it's really the only room...heheh...)

Check this out!

lion suede for pillow

Not bad, eh?

furry eyeglass case

furry eyeglass case
Originally uploaded by saintlex.
Here it is: my Lion Suede and Lion Fun Fur eyeglass case. :) (Pattern is on the Lion web site.) This is definitely the silliest thing I've made. It was a little difficult to slip stitch together; the Lion Suede actually broke at least once because it was getting tangled up in the Fun Fur! But it came out fine. It's not terribly useful--it's not that easy to get my glasses in because they get stuck in the holes--but I don't care, 'cause it's fun.

My boss told me it looks like a porcupine. :D

I made a ruffle for the hat!

kristy hat - ruffle
Originally uploaded by saintlex.
I finally jumped in and made a ruffle for the sun hat for my 1-year-old niece. (No, I still haven't seen her since I made the hat. That's scheduled to be remedied next weekend at my nephew's 4th birthday party.)

It is so cute! I hope it fits her. I am concerned that it may be a little too big. We shall see.

My Montclair goodies!

Montclair purchases
Originally uploaded by saintlex.
Yarn, clockwise from top left:
Cherry Tree Hill Zebra Caribe yarn in Foxy Lady
Zitron Polo
Phildar Aviso cotton yarn (gift from Maven!)

These magazines have all sorts of patterns I want to use in them. I can't believe they were $1 each. Well, I mean, I can believe it, 'cause they're not current issues--but what good luck! :) The "Happy Hooker" also has plenty of patterns I want to try.

There's one particular pattern I'm dying to make in the Interweave Crochet mag on the top of the other magazines (it's the Fall 2006 issue). It's called "Wendy's Waistcoat," a cropped vest by Katie Himmelberg. It is lovely. (A picture of it can be found on this page, toward the middle.)

The tricky part about the pattern, though, is that it's made for 2 finished bust measurements: 28" and 36". I am just a bit more busty than 36", so I will have to do some math, I guess. (Scary!) Where there's a will, there's a way...I hope... ;D

I have A LOT of catching up to do.

It's been a while since I posted, so it's now time to bombard my readers with photos again. ;) Current WIP:
--Lion Suede shawl (pattern from yarn label)
--present for a friend (pics to come after gift is given)
--cotton face cloth made with Bernat Cottontots yarn

Yesterday, I took a trip out to Montclair, NJ with 3 other ladies from KUTI-Westchester. (I suppose I should call us KUTI cuties? Kuties? Heehee...OK, I'll stop now.) We had a fabulous time. Montclair has 3 (yes, 3) yarn stores within walking distance of each other. We hit all of them, ate at a Japanese restaurant (my chirashi was excellent, but of the 4 of us, only 2 of us liked our food!), and drank tea and talked at a lovely tea cafe. There are also 2 bead stores in Montclair in that same area, and I stopped at one of them to get a needle for crocheting with beads. I would love to go back and explore the bead stores, too.

Got some great loot, of course. More to come in another post!