Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Smiley's Yarns makes me all smiley!!

Remember that load of yarn I ordered from Smiley's Yarns that I posted about just the other day? It's already here! Granted, it didn't have to travel far--they're in Queens, NY--but I am so very impressed. And overjoyed. The Bernat Sox colors are only OK, in my opinion, but it was cheap and now I get to make socks. :)

The Red Heart Symphony yarn is nice and fuzzy and should work well for the capelet I want to make with it.

The Bernat Handicrafter Cotton? YUM. Will have to make some nice things with it. I have some good colors for stripes. Hmmmm.

I have been working on the Spiderweb Cardigan from my last post. It took me a relatively short time to realize that my gauge was actually WAY smaller than what the pattern called for! Frog time. Ribbit. I am going to try using my K hook instead of the H. I even wanted to try my L hook, after what people have said about too-small armholes; but I can't find it! *gasp* I'll just have to see what happens with the K. This pattern is going to be quite the experiment for me. Maybe not the best choice for my first sweater, but I love a challenge. ;)


HobbyZu said...

Good luck with your sweater! :) Too bad that yarn wasn't what you expected, but I'm sure you'll make it work for you. :)

April said...

What is the Bernat Sox made of? I just received some Kroy Socks by Paton's today in the mail and it's 75 % Wool and 25% nylon. I'm wondering if I might need to find a cotton yarn for socks, because I don't love the way wool feels next to my skin. We'll have to see though, maybe I'll be surprised.

Yarn deliveries are the BEST!!

Alexis said...

Bernat Sox is 60% acrylic and 40% nylon. No wool involved. :)