Sunday, May 6, 2007

Lion Suede and more Lion Suede

Lion Suede shawl
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I'm making this shawl from the pattern on the Lion Suede yarn label. It's very nice, but won't quite lie flat. Will have to look into blocking it when I'm done--I haven't had to block anything yet, so I know very little about the process, especially when it doesn't involve an iron (the label says not to iron the yarn). We'll see if I can actually get myself to wear a shawl. ;) I've always thought they were for old ladies, but I guess that's not so if one is into crochet? Anyway, it's pretty! And soft. Yum.

I also purchased some Lion Suede a while back that I'm going to use to make a pillow. It matches the rug in my living room perfectly. (I live in a studio, so it's really the only room...heheh...)

Check this out!

lion suede for pillow

Not bad, eh?


Deneen said...

I like the colors you bought!

I made that shawl and had the same problem with the curling. I would suggest going up a hook size, but I don't know. Maybe another pattern.

Acrylic doesn't really block well, although some have done it, but I don't think the LB Suede would block-just my opinion.

Alexis said...

Hmm. Well, I guess I can deal with the curling if blocking isn't the answer. It's still a pretty shawl. :)

But if I make another one, I'll try going up a hook size and seeing what happens!

April said...

You might be surprised how much you want to wear a shawl once you're done with it. I didn't think I'd ever wear one, but I tell ya, it's the perfect fit when you're a bit chilly sitting on the couch watching television or crocheting. Nice and snuggly but not as bulky as a blanket. It looks lovely. I love the color, and the colors for the pillow!

It's Me, Maven... said...


It's Me, Maven... said...

PS: I think I know a cheater way to get it to straighten out... rip it out from the bottom point, and then re-crochet that section. Your gauge just looks a bit off, or perhaps you added an extra stitch or two there...