Sunday, May 6, 2007

My Montclair goodies!

Montclair purchases
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Yarn, clockwise from top left:
Cherry Tree Hill Zebra Caribe yarn in Foxy Lady
Zitron Polo
Phildar Aviso cotton yarn (gift from Maven!)

These magazines have all sorts of patterns I want to use in them. I can't believe they were $1 each. Well, I mean, I can believe it, 'cause they're not current issues--but what good luck! :) The "Happy Hooker" also has plenty of patterns I want to try.

There's one particular pattern I'm dying to make in the Interweave Crochet mag on the top of the other magazines (it's the Fall 2006 issue). It's called "Wendy's Waistcoat," a cropped vest by Katie Himmelberg. It is lovely. (A picture of it can be found on this page, toward the middle.)

The tricky part about the pattern, though, is that it's made for 2 finished bust measurements: 28" and 36". I am just a bit more busty than 36", so I will have to do some math, I guess. (Scary!) Where there's a will, there's a way...I hope... ;D


Deneen said...

Looks like you found some goodies!

It's Me, Maven... said...

I still need to snap a pic of all my goodies!! I got off the phone with Peggy today and we should include her in our next jaunt~!

Alexis said...

Maven, I'm not sure I know Peggy? Maybe she's a Tuesday-er, or maybe my memory just isn't working (for a change, LOL).

The more the merrier! Maybe we could even make it a 2-car trip next time (though I wouldn't volunteer to drive--not only do I hate driving, my car only comfortably seats 2!!). ;)

Deneen said...

The correction sheet from Happy Hooker (if you have the first edition).

I've made the Fat Bottom Bag, the Short N Sweet, (additional clarifications)
and the Paton's Scarf.

It's a cool book.