Thursday, May 24, 2007

WsIP: bit of a baby blanket and boxy baby booties

How was that for alliteration?! ;P

Here's a pic of the baby blanket I'm working on for my newest niece, who has yet to be born:
bit of a baby blanket
It's Lion Pound of Love yarn; I'm making this with the hooded baby blanket pattern from the label. It can also be found on the Lion web site.

And some baby booties I started working on today--I've only got one about halfway done:
baby booties in progress
The yarn at the top is a stitch marker for the instep. They're gonna have cuffs and pompoms. The pattern is from Vogue Knitting "Crochet Basics" (see sidebar if you're curious). I'm using Caron Simply Soft and an F hook (the pattern calls for a G hook and sport weight yarn).

And just for fun, here's the Lion Homespun yarn in Candy Apple that I received yesterday.
Lion Homespun yarn in Candy Apple
Isn't the color gorgeous? Not what I'd expected, and nowhere near as soon as I'd expected it, but very nice indeed. (I think it will make a lovely poncho for my oldest niece. I even have the pattern picked out!)


HobbyZu said...

So far, so good! :-)

I may be crocheting something for a baby too if I can just win that gorgeous yarn I saw on ebay! ;-)

April said...

Aw, cute stuff. :)