Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Today I went to Michael's and went on a total yarn binge. I mean, I am almost embarrassed about it. Almost. ;) I was in severe need of retail therapy.

Got a lot of Lily Sugar 'n' Cream cotton yarn. There are a few things I want to make out of it. Mostly bags. 3 in particular. Heehee. They actually had the 1-pound Sugar 'n' Cream skeins, which I'd never seen before (I bought 2); and they had the little balls of it on sale, 4 for $5. I love that stuff.

I bought a "Pound of Love" in yellow to make a shrug out of (the one from the "Happy Hooker" with the little ruffles). I bought some Patons Grace to try to make a pair of socks--I don't know how it works as sock yarn, but I've had such trouble finding affordable non-wool sock yarn that I just said "screw it" and bought the stuff. I got the color Rose, even though I'd been planning on making multicolored socks. The color was calling out to me for some reason. Probably because a) it's beautiful and b) it would match a lot of my spring clothing.

Got a ton of Red Heart Super Saver for various projects, one of them being the Seafoam Vest from the latest issue of Interweave Crochet. And I got a pillow form for either the Lion Suede pillow I've been planning to make for a while, or the Chenille Thick & Quick pillow I've been planning to make for even longer. ;) Also got some snaps and buttons and ribbon, all for specific projects.

So while I went wild, I didn't exactly--almost everything I bought, I bought with a specific project in mind. That is unusual for me. I think it's a step in the right direction, despite the fact that I spent way too much. :P (I did get a lot for my money!)

I am planning to make my mom a b-day present. I want to make her an open-weave spring scarf with the beautiful sport weight yarn I bought in Montclair. I only have 1 ball of it, so it'll be a fairly skinny & short scarf, which should be fine since it'll be a fashion accessory rather than a neck warmer.

I have been sick lately and have had far too much free time, so this was a much-needed yarn-buying spree. Gotta keep myself happy. Or at least, happy till I get my credit card bill. *groan*

Must make PRETTIES!


Deneen said...

Retail therapy so rocks!

You know, Cascade Fixation is a cotton/elastic (important here) sock yarn and Elann has a http://www.elann.com/productdisp.asp?NAME=elann%2Ecom+Esprit&Cat=&ProductType=5&Count=1
for $4.60 a ball.

Here is a link to someone's blog who did a whole post on Non-wool sock yarn with links.

Alexis said...

Ooooooh! Thanks so much, Deneen! *hugs*

April said...

Ooohh....retail therapy is fantastic! I'd be really interested in how the seafoam vest comes out using RH, as I'm sure it's a substitute. I would likely use a substitute too if I ever get around to making it, but substitutions always make me a little nervous for some reason.
On my last major shopping spree I, too, only bought for specific projects (and that is also rare for me), but I still had that itch in me to just splurge on non-essentials. I didn't though, but the urge is still there! Yarn shopping is one of my favorite shopping trips I'd say. Such fun!

Alexis said...

Yep, the RH sure is a substitute. Substitutions make me a bit nervous, too, but I've got to use what I can afford. :)

I will certainly keep this blog updated on my progress with the vest. I'm not sure when I'll be able to start it, since I'm already working on a lot of things at once! I think I should at least try to do it before spring is over, though. ;)

It's Me, Maven... said...

Hmmm, and how much did you spend? I hope you'll post plenty of pics of your projects!

Alexis said...

How much did I spend? I'm not telling! ;P

vicki said...

retail therapy is awesome. i did a bit of it myself with materials at walmart(yes mine still sells material) 50.00 later but oh the nice things i can make and i actually had sold a afghan and some yarn so that made it almost free hehe will be watching for updates on your blog