Thursday, May 10, 2007

the scarf, too much free time, and giving to charity

The birthday scarf for my mom is coming out so well! It's even prettier than I'd anticipated. It's artsy and sophisticated, much like my mother. ;) I will probably post a picture when I'm done, since I doubt she will happen across this blog. She's somewhat Internet-savvy, but doesn't spend much time surfing.

I will try to get a pic of me modeling it. Heehee. And if I can, I'll get a pic of my mom modeling it after I give it to her; but I don't know if she'd have any privacy issues about it, and she doesn't like the way she looks in pictures. (She's not that photogenic, but I'd never post a bad one of her. Of course, she'd probably think it was bad anyway...LOL!)

I absolutely must get back to work on a present for a friend (actually, a few presents) that I will have to give to her in about 3 weeks. It's not exactly a quick project.

Luckily--OK, very unluckily--I have a lot of free time lately. *sigh* I've been sick and unable to work. My boss and coworkers have been great about it, but I love my job and want to be there, even if it means I don't get to crochet all day. ;) Couldn't get in to see a doctor who can treat me till May 18th. I hope that will do the trick, so I can get on with my life. In the meantime, my days have consisted of watching lots of DVR-ed shows (mostly Law & Order) and crocheting--not so bad, except for the severe stomach pain. Owwwww.

But that's the end of my whining about it, for now. I have loads of cute projects to make. Also, I just found the Helping Hands, Loving Memories blog, which has inspired me to join up and make some crocheted items to give in honor of my dad. (He passed away last year.) Don't know what to make yet. It'll have to be some relatively simple stuff, so I can crank out a whole bunch of 'em. ;)

Hmmm....Actually, the hospital near me has this group called "Knit Wits" (at least, I think that's what they're called!) who sell items they've made to raise money for the hospital. That'd be neat. I could make whatever I want. I could do lots of cotton potholders. I make the best potholders. And some scarves. And whatever else I feel like adding to my repertoire. I think I'll try to contact them.


April said...

That's too bad that you haven't been feeling well. Though I must say, you have good taste in that DVR of yours. Mine, too, is pretty chalk full of Law & Order. Feel better!

It's Me, Maven... said...

I know Temple Israel in White Plains used to have a group that got together to knit for charity, you might want to contact them as well.

Linda said...

Hi! I just read your comment on my blog. If you enjoy making potholders, those two you saw are really quick to make.
It's not too often that someone says that they love his or her job. I hope you feel better soon and get to return to work.