Saturday, March 7, 2015

Caturday and some beautiful new yarn

Many of my friends like to post pictures of their cats "helping" with their knitting. Well, here's a picture of our cats helping with mine:
Yep, we've got 2 cat celebrities here - Grumpy Cat on the left and Lil Bub on the right. They like to help me with my Elder Tree Shawl. Sweet, aren't they? They never mess up my knitting! They do love yarn, though.

I got some yarn today that I'd ordered from The Cyborg's Craft Room a few days ago. I was so excited to receive this yarn because her colorways are exquisite. (I could tell from the photos - I had never seen the yarn in person before.) The yarn I got is Digital base (superwash merino worsted) in the Wildflower colorway. Here's a picture I took of it today:
It's a terrible picture of really beautiful yarn. Granted, even the photo on Etsy didn't do it justice - it's mostly purple, and purple is notoriously hard to photograph. This yarn comes out bluer in photos than it actually is. But my point is, it is GORGEOUS! I'm so happy! There are so many different patterns I want to make with it. Decisions, decisions.

I definitely want to make a shawl or cowl with it. What do you think: Arroyo shawlette? Podcaster cowl? A Cowl for Every Season? Embrace the Cowl?