Friday, May 18, 2007

Sock help?

I have been working on my first pair of socks. Well, right now, it's just part of one sock. ;) Anyway, I've been trying to work with the pattern for In Your Shoes Ankle Socks from Crochet Me...and I'm having some trouble.

I made the cuff, which looks great. After some deliberation, I managed to sc 2 rounds of 36 stitches each around the cuff, though I was quite confused because it didn't say whether to join the rounds or not (I slip stitched them together; dunno if I was supposed to).

Now, however, it says to "sc across front half of tube." Following the pattern as I have been, I started my rounds of sc at the back seam after slip stitching it together so I wouldn't have to cut the yarn. I thought that was what the author meant...but now, the only way I can think of to crochet 18 sc across the front of the cuff is to cut the yarn and start sc-ing the front part. The pattern doesn't say anything about whether this is what I'm supposed to do or not.

To make matters worse, the author, Pam, appears to be MIA. Her blog link doesn't work, and I haven't found a current one anywhere. I did find someone else who seems to have made socks according to the pattern, so maybe I'll try asking her my questions?

Any help would be much appreciated!


HobbyZu said...

Oh, she does the foot part first and then the heel! Different.
After the two rounds of sc, you sc across 18 st, ch 18 and attach the end of the chain to the other side which should be the beginning of the 'sc 18' st. Then you continue in rounds for the foot part.
I see how you're having the problem though. Would it be noticeable if you slip-stitched to the part where you need to start the row?

Is the part where you joined the rows really apparent? On my sock pattern, I chained 1 and turned on each row so the join doesn't show much. The join is on the side on my sock and it's not even noticeable. So, I never had this problem with possibly cutting the yarn.

You should check out my pattern I used, maybe you can use the technique on the pattern you're using.

Oh, and about your question on my yarn. I don't know if it's worsted weight because they don't have that on their labels here in the UK. It just says double knitting.
Good luck!

Deneen said...

I've made these and am reviewing the pattern as I type.

For these, I used a stitch marker and just went round in a circle, no joining.

Yes, you have to cut and start at the front. I learned this after I first made them-I do the cuffs separately and then join and complete the sock.

Grafton Fibers has an easy toe up pattern here-it's similar to Pam's, but doesn't have the cuff.

I have also made Vee Socks for Me socks-toe up, but uses an open weave (terrific for Spring and Summer) and work up fast and perfect for practice. She gives more concise measurements as far as sizing goes.

Alexis said...

Deneen -

I had looked at that pattern before, but was turned off by the fact that it looked like the sock wouldn't be snug around the ankle. Is that just the way it looks in the top picture, or is it loose around the ankle?


It's Me, Maven... said...

If you dig far enough into my archives, I did a similar thing with what ended up being "bed slippers" or "snuggle socks," as the yarn and stitch size was too bulky to be worn in shoes, however, the concept is the same (e.g., the foot and cuff are worked separately, then joined halfway, with the heel worked in at the end. I did my heel working in the round, decreasing one stitch on either side until the heel self-closed. I only wish I worked the toe box area of the sock differently, rather than doing a "draw/pull close," which made the toe awfully bulky. A good first-try I'd say!

For my pattern, I slip stitched the instep of the sock to the cuff.

What yarn are you doing your socks in?

April said...

I hope your questions were answered. Your sock is looking great so far!