Saturday, March 31, 2007

My first crochet projects...

Time to post some projects in chronological order. ;) Here's the first project I ever made, a potholder. Very exciting, I know. (Well, it is useful!) I made it with Peaches & Creme cotton yarn.


Next project: a scarf for myself. I really wanted to make a scarf for my friend J, but I was having trouble and knew I needed to try making one as a "rough draft" with the pattern I wanted to use (the fabulous Snuggly Scarf pattern!). Good thing I did, 'cause I screwed it up! It still looks pretty, though; it's just a little less snuggly than it's supposed to be.

the less snuggly "Snuggly Scarf"

Made with Lion Homespun yarn, in Tudor. Here's another pic:

the less snuggly "Snuggly Scarf" again

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