Friday, August 24, 2007

Sorry I've been away for so long.

Wasn't crocheting much for a while there!

I have now finished the baby blanket for my youngest niece, and given it to her. My sister liked it very much. :) I didn't take a picture once it was done, because I was short on time and camera batteries. It looks just like the previous pictures, though, only now it's a big square. ;)

My socks are almost done!! I pretty much just have the toe and heel left to do on my second sock. I'm going to finish it within the next few days and post a pic of the finished pair. YAY!

I have now won a whole lot of yarn from the Mystical Creation Yarns ebay store. *drooool* I hadn't bought any yarn for a while, and they have some great deals at the moment, so I treated myself. I have no idea where I will put it once it arrives. I think I need to crochet myself a bigger apartment! *giggle*


Deneen said...

I bought some of the MCY yarn when they were on Etsy. The rayon boucle-600 yards of one and then 1200 yards of another. I haven't used it yet, however I've read lots of complaints about yarn bleeding and I plan to soak them first, then they have to dry and then wind-so that's why I haven't used them yet.

Have you made anything with them?

Their new Egyptian cotton line looks beautiful and their colorways are stunning. Again, another complaint is their customer service stinks to high heavens-shipping time has been long, no communication at all, etc-my personal experience. Several complained about colorways not being matching dyelots, etc.

I bookmarked their eBay store (they "closed" their etsy store-due to probable numerous negatives-and I am "iffy" about buying more from them.

Alexis said...

I actually contacted MCY about their etsy store, and what they wrote to me was that they closed it because they were getting more business than they could handle. That's not good about the colors bleeding--I will watch out for that. Thanks for the heads up!

I have yet to make anything with their yarn. I only have small quantities of it at the moment, though (1 skein each of 3 different ones). I plan to make a hat out of one of them and a vest with another, when I get around to it.

I read through their ebay feedback, and the complaints I saw were mainly about shipping time, with a few about (lack of) communication...

Deneen said...

If they were so busy on Etsy, then why expand their yarn and sell on eBay where the price isn't guaranteed? I ordered from Etsy and then they closed their shop and it took almost 3 weeks for the yarn to get to me. I emailed them through the Paypal address and they took days to get back to me, etc.

I did notice, that fromt he time I ordered and the time the shop closed, the negatives were piling up. Most were shipping times and lack of communication, but several were dyelot problems, as well as colors looked much different in the pic than in person (which is understandable and MCY did give a color description in the listing-people sometimes just don't read through them). That's also when several said they had bought the yarn before and certain batches ran awful and how surprised they were. I don't think negatives would have been left had MCY gotten back to people, but when you spend big money on a large quantity of yarn, you expect some customer service.

I love the colors of the yarn I bought from them and am excited about trying it-I will post something when I do.

HobbyZu said...

lol I'd sure like to see a crocheted apartment!