Thursday, September 3, 2009

QAL scarf - pre-blocking

It's done! Except for weaving in the ends and blocking, that is. :) Hope I will get to block it this weekend. What a wonderful thing to be able to wear this Fall! I should call it my Back-to-School Scarf, since I'm about to start grad school after having been out of school for a long time.

I still have a decent amount of yarn left even after making the scarf...not sure what I'll do with that yet.

Still wanting a Java Jammie. I think I will try it with round 1 as sc instead of sl st, since I can't seem to get it right with a row of slip stitch.


Deneen said...

That is gorgeous, what a beautiful colorway.

Alexis said...

Thanks, Deneen! :)

Ghost said...

Wow! How stunning.