Monday, September 27, 2010

Shawls, other gift ideas, and a Renaissance Tunic (?)

I am pretty close to being done with my first poncho. I just need to do the edging and the collar. I was hoping to finish it over the weekend, but I was too busy doing other fun stuff. Oops. ;) It looks like it might not be too large for my 4-yr-old niece, after all. Or at least, not too long. My gauge is weird. I thought it was right on, but it's not. 4 rows in the "block" stitch of the pattern is supposed to be 4"; in mine, it's more like a little over 3 1/4". Whoa. Guess I should switch to a P hook for the next ones? I'll see how this one ends up first.

I am totally waffling about which shawl to make for my grandmother. It's going to be a combination (95th!!!) birthday and Chanukah present, so it's got to be good! I wanted to make a Seraphina's Shawl for her, but it calls for a very large amount of yarn, which makes me worry about a few things. First of all, I only have 2 colors of Homespun in that quantity, and I don't think either of them would look great on her. Second, the shawl is huge, and she is tiny! She is under 5 feet tall and very petite. Third, it looks difficult!

I am also considering Doris Chan's All Shawl. This calls for less yarn and looks easier to make. However, I know my grandmother...She'd take one look and go "It has holes in it!" LOL. This is what she did when I gave her a Snuggly Scarf a few years ago, and the scarf is not particularly hole-y. But the shawl would be warm and cuddly anyway, so...probably a good option. I'd also like to make one of these for my mom for Chanukah, but I kind of doubt I'll have the time, what with all 3 girls' ponchos and a shawl for my grandma. I have been crocheting maybe an hour or so per day when I have time, and I'm not the world's fastest crocheter in the first place.

I am also considering this shawl, but it looks ridiculously easy and ridiculously boring. I have no problem with the pattern actually being easy, I just don't want it to look like it was!

Decisions, decisions. If anyone has any suggestions or opinions on this, please let me know.

I'd like to make something small-ish for my sister for Chanukah, too. I'm thinking about these Dorothea Dishtowels; then I could make it a gift for her and my brother-in-law, since I never know what to get for him. But again, I'll have to see if I have the time.

We went to a Renaissance Fair yesterday. Now I've decided that I really want to make one of these so I'll have a costume to wear to these things. It's for experienced-level crocheters, though. Ummm...Maybe I'd have it finished by Ren Fair 2012 if I started today? ;P Yeah, I think I'm being overly ambitious.

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