Friday, February 18, 2011

South Bay progress and a 3-day weekend!

I did, indeed, start the South Bay Shawlette. Here's what it looks like after today's Stitch & Bitch:
South Bay Shawlette, so far
I would link to the pattern, but the Lion Brand website keeps redirecting me to its sign-in page when I try, and if I link to it in Ravelry, you have to sign in to Ravelry. I think it's silly that you can't even see what the finished shawl looks like without signing in somewhere. At least you can see my version here. ;) (And--hey wait--I guess I did just link to it on both sites. Heheh. You just won't be able to see the pattern and/or finished product unless you're logged in. But you're welcome to click!)

Yes, that is one of my handmade fuchsia butterfly stitch markers marking the middle stitch of the last row. I have one set of those that I've kept for myself. That's right, I only have one set of stitch markers. Period. I will build up more of a collection as I sell more, and can afford to keep some more of what I've made. I do think I will need a set of coffee beans!

By the way, I can make jewelry to go with any of these stitch markers. That's right, you can match your stitch markers! LOL! Seriously, I keep meaning to make coffee bean bead jewelry, but I haven't gotten to it yet. I've seen what some others on Etsy have done with similar beads, but what I'm envisioning is a little different.

I have a 3-day weekend coming up, so I hope I will get to spend some quality time with the yarn and bead stashes! And with my hubby, too. But he's busy working on his dissertation a lot of the time.

I'll be visiting my grandmother tomorrow. Grams has just moved into an independent living facility. Things have been...interesting. I haven't seen her new place for myself yet. I hope it's better than she thinks it is. :-/

If you've made it this far, will you please do me a favor and go to my last post and tell me which yarn you think would make a better Sera Lace Top? Please help! I need some input! :) Thanks in advance!


dahliadd said...

Gee, I don't think you could go wrong with the Sera Lace Top ....either of those colors would look amazing on you!! The Spa smacks of Springtime but then again I love that purple too. Ah sorry, I can't decide either!! lol

Zu said...

I love that colorway!! That shawl's going to be so pretty.
I'm curious to see your coffee bead jewelry, so I hope you get around to it soon. :-)
My mother moved out and into her own place in a sheltered housing unit last month. I wonder if thats the same as an independant living facility. It's a building of flats where the people live on their own, but have a matron on call and help if needed through pull cords and so on in the flat.

By the way, I'm letting all my recent blog commenters know that my blog url has been changed to just in case you want to revisit. ;-) I made some changes to my website and lost my blog for a while. In order to get it back I had to change the URL. I should have left things alone, but whats done is done. I could kick myself! lol

I'll go check your other post now. :-)