Sunday, April 13, 2014

Block Party!

OK, really it's a Blocking Party. I mean, come on, this is a craft blog. Today I finally blocked some knitting projects that I hadn't had a chance to before. I wet blocked most of them (using my Soak wash for the first time ever) and spray blocked one cowl (my Honey made with Lorna's Laces Honor - it's alpaca and silk and I don't have the label, so I wanted to be safe). Everything's still drying on the blocking board.
See? Party! That's my Gallatin Scarf (free pattern!) on the bottom, which I haven't posted about before. It was a quick knit and very enjoyable. Here's what it looked like before weaving in ends and blocking:
The colors are gorgeous. I mean, they look even better in person. I love it. And it was quick and easy! Well, it was easy after I had to rip it out the first time because I messed up the lace and hadn't made lifelines. You can bet I'll be using lifelines with all of my lace knitting from now on. The yarn is Yarntopia Treasures Cotton Boucle.

I think I managed to stretch the Ritalin cowl out sufficiently. It's 17" in diameter now (which gives it a 34" length all around), and that should do nicely. More about the Ritalin to come in another post.

I also washed my 2nd Honey cowl, which I hadn't blocked before but which I have worn a few times already! I laid it out flat to dry. Not sure if it's increased in length or width. It still looks great, though.

My current knitting project is a Curvy Knits Flare Top for myself in Spa yarn (acrylic and bamboo) in a pretty coral color. I am also still working on Design Three/Liwen, but I wanted to make something to wear in the warmer weather. I may be done knitting it by winter. ;-P

I have a few rows done, but nothing picture-worthy yet. I will say, I DO NOT like those k3tog or p3tog that are used to decrease the wedges at the bottom. They drive me crazy and they don't look neat when they're done. I hope the final effect will be worth it.


Sidhe Demon said...

my daughter taught herself to knit. i told her that next she should learn how to purl. she asked if that was the only other stitch in knitting. i was evil; i laughed. ;)
then i gave her a very short synopsis on the stitches and types of needles and other accoutrements of the trade, and finished with "and that's why *I* crochet". i still think she's going to try to make something. because yarn gets into your blood. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work Lex!! Love the colors!!

Alexis H said...

Playing with yarn is so much fun! My love of it can be traced back to one of my grandmother's sisters. My grandmother had to knit, too, because pretty much every woman did in those days; but she says she "didn't like to sit still." Heh. That's my Grams for ya. :)

I have a cousin who knits, too - on that side of the family as well. I'm sure I had/have knitting relatives I don't know about. Definitely yarn in the blood. ;)

Alexis H said...

Thanks, Dahlia! You just might see me wearing one of these sometime soon!