Sunday, April 15, 2007

a good day to crochet

It's raining out, and there's supposed to be flooding (or maybe there already is--it's hard to tell from inside, and I'm not trying too hard to find out). I spent all day yesterday doing crochet-related stuff and watching TV; I think today I will do the same, and try to do some laundry and the dishes, too.

Yesterday, I had the bright idea of trying to wind some skeins of yarn I'd bought into balls. Now I am stuck with various yarn "muppets" that I am trying to untangle. :P ARGH! I followed the instructions and everything; I don't know how this happened! I even wound them around a chair and all that. *sigh* I'm not going to attempt this again until I know for sure that I won't wind up with this kind of tangling.

I picked up a good amount of Lion Suede at a local dollar store recently (many, many thanks to Maven for the tip!). I am now working on this silly eyeglass case and this beautiful shawl. Not sure what's possessed me to make the eyeglass case except that I have a skein of Lion Suede and a skein of Fun Fur in similar colors (not the rose color that's shown; mine is a rust color). I'd like to make something more interesting with it, but I just couldn't wait to use the yarn. D'oh.

The shawl is my first project in hdc (half double crochet). It's an easy stitch, but I had to switch out of single and double crochet mode for it. I'm not incredibly pleased with the way the shawl is coming out, but I know it will look better when it's all (or mostly) done. I'm still a beginner, so the first part of a project always looks a little strange to me.

Still working on all the stuff from my last post. It's mostly getting neglected at the moment. I do want to finish the oven mitt soon, though.

I've been finding the most delicious shrug & bolero patterns lately. I can't wait to try my hand at those...but I want to finish the shawl first. :)

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It's Me, Maven... said...

Yanno, for the longest time, I thought I was doing dc instead of hdc (I told you I have problems interpreting patterns:). HDC is one of my favorite stitches. Once I figured out that stitch, I was never truly happy doing SC anymore. And now I know how to do doubles and trebles, and well.. I guess that's how it goes:)