Saturday, June 21, 2008

Abydos vest

Last night, I started working on the Abydos Vest from Amazing Crochet Lace by Doris Chan. (Picture at left ganked from Doris' Flickr photostream!) I am very excited about it. It took me a long time to figure out what yarn to use, but I finally decided on Rayon Chenille from Mystical Creations Yarn. I then had to wind it, which was difficult. I had to abandon the first skein because it got too tangled, even with being around the backs of 2 chairs. *sigh* Still have 3 skeins, though (2 of which have now been successfully wound).

It's a tricky yarn to work with, since it breaks somewhat easily. I accidentally broke a strand while frogging a stitch, which was annoying. Is this the way chenille generally behaves, or is MCY just talented like that? ;) Anyway, I'm not too worried about that, as long as it doesn't break while I'm wearing it!

I'm a little worried about the vest measurements. The bust measurements for this pattern are 40" bust for Medium, and 46" bust for Large. Seeing as how my bust measurement is 39.5", I wasn't about to make the Medium--a vest that's practically the same size as my bust wouldn't really fit over any of my shirts, far as I know. But I'm afraid the Large will be too big for me. We'll see what happens, though! If I decide to make this fairly long (and if I have enough yarn for that), at least it will fit over my hips.

If I like the way this turns out and want a smaller one, I can make a size Medium in the short version and use a stretchier yarn. I think that would work?


Deneen said...

I bought the yarn called for for the vest, but haven't started it (the foundation row bothers me and I tried without it and tripped myself up near the armpit area).

There's a thread on MCY yarn on Lime N Violet (I think). Apparently, the yarn all isn't colorfast. I bought some ages ago, rayon/cotton and I haven't tested it yet for dye problems, but apparently problems arose with MCY and they are now outta business. My yarn has to be two years old and I am hoping it's okay. I bought soda ash to try and set it.

Alexis said...

Yeah, I'm a bit nervous about that. I don't have any other yarn that would be appropriate for this project, though (and with the quantity of yarn I have, I can't justify buying more). I guess I should make up a swatch and try washing it and see what happens.

I didn't realize they were out of business. Yikes.

Christina said...

How did your vest turn out? I just started it using a chenille type yarn too. It seems to look good in it so far and match the gauge. The instructions are a tad bit confusing, but I think I'll get them worked out soon. Did yours come out ok? Is there anything you would do differently? Anything in the pattern I should be watching for?

Alexis said...

Hi Christina! My vest turned out great. For more details, look here:
I don't think there's anything I'd do differently. It was about 2 and a half years ago, though, so I don't remember really well.