Sunday, July 13, 2008

Gulf Shores hat - finished 7-12-08

Here's my Gulf Shores. I was very happy with it, until I showed it to my mother. She was like, "That's beautiful! Is it a baby hat?" When I said "No, it's for me," she said "For YOU?!" She looked totally appalled. Then I put it on, and she just sat there looking stunned and couldn't find anything nice to say.

I showed her the Abydos, too, and she didn't really say anything nice about it either!

I must add that this took place in front of some friends of the family, who also couldn't muster up anything nice to say.

I usually feel that my mom has very good taste, so I am feeling really hurt by this, especially on top of the fact that I got NO compliments (apart from the one I had to fish for) when I wore my Abydos the other day. I feel like I must suck at this. I mean, I know my crocheting skills are OK, but now that I've branched out into things other than scarves and potholders, no one seems to like any of it except my Ravelry peeps--and as much as I trust their judgment and feel flattered by their compliments, the lack of in-person compliments makes me feel like crap. :*(

Has anyone else had something like this happen? Please tell me I'm not the only one...

I think I am going to stop showing my mother any of my crochet projects.


Lundy said...

I love your hat and I live in Gulf Shores ! Fear not...make things and be happy if YOU like them.
Gulf Shores Stuff

Deneen said...

Of course. People who don't do any crafts (seriously) don't "get it". People who do crafts seem to appreciate the items more and understand.

I don't show my non-crafting family or friends anything, I just wear the stuff and when they like something, I then tell them I made it and then they seem in awe. I don't understand it at all either.

Katrin said...

Well, I do understand both sides.
I love getting compliments for my work too - but on the other hand I find it hard to compliment something, that looks so... easy. Especially when it's an experienced crafter that shows it off. That doesn't mean that you did a bad job, mind you! It might just be not that exciting for anybody.

HobbyZu said...

I wonder if different color choices would matter. Some hand crafted items look okay, and if redone in a better more up-to-date yarn, look really cool. I've found I liked some projects other people did, but didn't have too much to say about them. Then I'd see the same item done up in a different yarn and not even be able to tell the difference.
Some people are just hard to please. If you love what you made, wear it with pride. :-)

If it really bothers you, ask your mother what her true opinion is so you can better understand where she's coming from. She may have some helpful hints for you. :-)

April said...

I don't get it either, hon, but it happens to me. I have to fish for compliments as well. I most often think people are mainly self-absorbed and don't notice anything other than their own lives. I've given up showing my crafts to non-craft observers because they either say "Oh, nice" or they go on and on an embarrassing amount with what seems to be fake flattery. So, I give up! I will say though, I think your hat and your abydos are awesome! You did a great job. Don't tell anyone your skills are only OK. You did fantastic!

Maven said...

I agree with Deneen. Folks who don't do it, don't understand. AT ALL.

The hat is cute, perhaps the design might be more fitting for a child, or perhaps it was the colors you selected or what-have-you. I know a lot of work went into that hat, as well as your abadios (sp?).

Were your mom's comments solicited, or did she humiliate you in front of others making these comments on her own?

I can remember a few years back I was crocheting a hat for my niece, and my mother said really snarkily, "What's that? A toilet paper cozy?"

Some folks just don't get it. And don't let their ignorance detract one moment of joy from your love of crochet.

Mama Niccicoco said...

cute hat~ love the yarn you used! you are very talented!