Friday, December 26, 2008

Zen scarfy, holiday wishes, and random ramblings

Happy holidays!

My holiday cards didn't get sent out, as usual. I always start out with the best intentions, and then...nothing. I didn't even mean to send a lot of them, just a bunch to good friends. Oh well. :(

I frogged and re-started my Zen scarf today. I wasn't happy with the tightness of my gauge. It didn't look right to me, and my hands and shoulders were cramping, so I decided to loosen it up a little. I kept the same hook size but am coaching myself to crochet a little more loosely so my body doesn't hurt while I'm doing it. I think it looks much prettier now. I am really enjoying working with the purple Patons Brilliant, mainly because I just like to look at it! It's so shiny! I have about 5 skeins of it in light blue, too. Not sure what I'm going to do with that yet.

I would really like to make a Divine Hat next. Not with Patons Brilliant, though! Maybe with Simply Soft or something. We'll see if I get sidetracked or not. ;)

I finished my holiday gifts (well, all except 1, which I can't find the yarn for--how aggravating is that?! I know it's in my stash somewhere--or at least, in the apartment somewhere). I want to show off, but I can't until after they've been given to my friends, since of course I want them to be surprised.


April said...

The Divine Hat looks adorable! Can't wait to see your finished product if you make it.

Ghost said...

I guess you are really busy. Miss seeing your posts.