Wednesday, June 27, 2007

first finished sock

first finished sock
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WOOHOOOOO! I finished a sock! :) Didn't take all that long, either--I just hadn't been working on it for a while. I'm not totally thrilled with it. The cuff is a little big, and the seam at the toe isn't great (I think maybe I made the sock just a little too long?). But my mom and my fiance think it's pretty, and some nice people on Flickr do, too. ;D

Guess I'll just have to make another one to match!

I don't think these will be the comfiest socks. I realized, in the course of trying these on, that Bernat Sox isn't the most comfortable to wear. I'll wear them anyway, of course. (Proudly!)

I have a TON of Bernat Sox yarn, so I'll use it and like it, dammit. Heheh.

Here's a pic of it on my foot:

first finished sock on foot


HobbyZu said...

Yay your first sock! It's so pretty!
It amazes me how easy it is to crochet socks. After my next crocheted pair, I'm going to try knitting a pair. (bites fingernails)

Deneen said...

Cute, nice color too!

April said...

Very good job, hon. I don't recall, was that the In-Your-Shoes Ankle Sock from Crochet Me?
In the summary for the main SOS page I put a call-out to anyone who knows of some good cotton sock yarn with no wool in it for you. Someone out of the 506 participants must know of some!

I wonder after you wash them a few times if they will feel better?