Friday, June 29, 2007

YARRRRRN - acquisitions and, um, de-acquisitions?

I went yarn shopping yesterday. Bought too much, as usual; but oh, was it fun. :)

I finally got my hands on some Lion Chenille (not Thick & Quick, the regular chenille). I am dying to make the vest pictured on the label--so much so, in fact, that I want to make it in all 4 of the colors I bought! *giggle* I will have to see how the first one goes before I really decide to do that, of course. I'm going to start with the red. I don't wear red very often, but this particular shade is so beautiful.

I got many other yarns, too. I bought a good deal of Lion Boucle, which I am now unsure about using because I didn't realize at the time that it was 20% mohair. Argh. I could probably work with it, and probably make something that wouldn't be worn right next to the skin...But I don't think "probably" is good enough. I did find a cute sweater in a back issue of a crochet magazine that I might like to make from it, though. And there's a capelet that uses it as trim that I really like. (I'm not sure I particularly like the capelet, but the trim is awfully pretty!) I guess I won't make a decision about that yarn just yet!

I am considering selling a lot of my Bernat Sox yarn. I am a spoiled brat and don't really want coarse yarn on my footsies. ;D If I sell some on ebay, perhaps I can justify buying something a little nicer. I don't know, though...I've been ebaying a lot, and trying to save that money. I won't sell all of my Sox yarn, of course; I'll probably still want to make some socks out of some of it, since the colors are very pretty. And maybe the socks I am working on now will turn out to be more wearable than I currently think they are.

I'd really love to get some hand-painted sock yarn. Yum.

Oh, I found another sock pattern! It's in the Dec. '06/Jan. '07 issue of Crochet Today! I bought the magazine for a buck at a yarn store a few months back. Well worth it, I'd say.


Jennifer said...

Hi, I'm in April's SOS blog group. I saw you're on the hunt for wool-free sock yarn. I'm using Crystal Palace Panda Cotton for socks for my mom. She's got a nasty wool allergy. They're made of cotton, bamboo and bit of elastic. The socks are so far really, really soft and have a nice squish to them. It's not the most 'striking' yarn, though. It's very casual. I can't think of another way to describe it. I'd knit with it again, for sure, though. I have photos on my blog at:

April said...

Well you got such a deal on the Sox yarn as I recall, so destashing on ebay should get you some extra cash to buy some nice yarn. :) Definitely check out Jennifer's blog to see the yarn. I put it on my to-buy list when I read about it from her.