Monday, June 18, 2007

I am such a happy swapper. :)

My first swap was completed today--I got my book in the mail (Encyclopedia of Crochet! Yeah baby!!), and she got her yarn in the mail today, too! :) What good luck. We both sent our packages out on Saturday.

I am verrrry happy with my new book, and can't wait to try out a whole bunch of new stitches. I hope my swap partner is happy with the yarn.

And I'm in the middle of a swap with someone else. I'm giving her a whole bunch of jewelry findings and beads in exchange for a knit & crochet book and (what else?) YARRRRRN. :D Some cotton sock yarn that sounds yummy, and violet Fun Fur! Whee!

I like this swapping stuff!!

We saw my sister's new baby the other day. She is beautiful. (As are all of my sister's children! I am not kidding--they have the most gorgeous kids. I may be biased, but wow, they are cuties.) My sister and brother-in-law loved the booties I'd made, and my sis says she'll take a picture of the little one wearing them. I can't wait to see those little feet in the little booties. Awwwww.

I will definitely be making more of those booties. I can't help myself.


April said...

I really enjoy Donna Kooler's book. I haven't used it yet in a practical way, I've made a few little swatches to try out a stitch pattern. I look through it though now when I want to make a scarf or something without a pattern and I think it's a great resource!

April said...

Me again. Just wanted to let you know you've been assigned to my blog group for the Summer of Socks. Check out the SOS blog post and shoot me an email when you have a chance so I've got it in my address book. Thanks hon!