Saturday, June 9, 2007

Losing patience with Flickr...

The deal with Flickr: you pay $25 to get a "pro" account and store as many pictures as you want, or you get a free account and you only get a certain amount of storage space. That much, I'm OK with. What I'm decidedly not OK with, is the fact that your old photos "disappear" to make room for the new ones. You don't have a choice as to which ones get "archived" (meaning no one can see them but gee, they're still on the site somewhere and you'll just have to take their word for it).

Are there any free, reliable image hosting services that don't do this crap, but that also do the image resizing for you? (I really like the fact that Flickr makes your images into different sizes for you while still keeping the original.) I don't need unlimited image hosting, but I do want to select which of my photos are kept and which ones are not.

Apart from the fact that I don't have an extra $25 right now, I wouldn't choose to spend it on image hosting if I did. (YARN! Need YARRRRRN! And BEADS!) ;D


Deneen said...

I wondered about that. I use Photobucket for my blog pics, board posts, etc and they have a lot of storage and I am happy with that-however, I opened up a Flickr Account to use with Ravelry and wasn't sure how many pics I would get for the free account-so I'm pretty careful about what I upload to them-I don't care if my pics are public, just wanna use em for Ravelry.

Elemmaciltur said...

Well depending on what the use of Flickr is for...if you're going to use it with Ravelry, then I guess that you'd need a 'pro' account because I don't think that Ravelry can get the old photos. But if you're just going to use Flickr to store your photos only and for you to be able to browse through it, then the free account should be fine.

If you want to browse through old photos that have disappeared from your free flickr account, then you can always use the Flickr Leech, and that will let you browse all your photos that had been uploaded to Flickr (becuase your photos aren't deleted when your 200 free account limit is exceeded, but it just disappears from Flickr browsing). Hope this helps!

Alexis said...

To be honest, I don't even know what Ravelry is. :) I just use Flickr to post pictures to my blogs, and to show my pictures to my friends. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like the Flickr Leech will bring the old pictures back to the blog posts where they're supposed to be. :-/ That's why I'm upset at Flickr.

I don't want my old photos for purposes of my own browsing--I've got all the pics on my hard drive anyway. But I still want to be able to show them off. ;)